Healing From Your Heart
Rays of Light - A Healing Modality
Linda Street

Healing From Your Heart


I have recently published a book titled, "Rays of Light" - Listen To The Dark.  The book explains the “Rays of Light” in more detail and specifically describes how you can easily access the frequencies of the “Rays of Light” and the Earth energies yourself.  Meditations and detailed instructions for sessions will be included in the chapters. Please look on amazon.com to make a purchase. There is also a Kindle version available. You will find the detailed description of the book at the bottom of this tab.


What a joy it is to be sharing the "Rays of Light" from the Divine to assist others while we experience the new frequencies streaming in.

As a little girl I was extremely intuitive and often channeled information without recognition, understanding, or an awareness of what was occurring. Out of fear, I shut down this communication at a young age. In becoming an adult, my life events had brought this to my attention and I began to lift myself up, out of the perception of darkness, and open back up. As I read, researched, completed workshops, and courses, I could clearly see that I was not alone in my fears and perceptions. I  found that the more I understood, the more I could experience the fear dissolving. I began to experiment, train, and work with the Divine Source frequencies and the energies of Mother Earth, using a positive approach. As I did so, I watched myself begin to heal, physically and emotionally. As I experimented and continued to learn,  I completed more courses and training. This led me to the desire to share the frequencies of the "Rays of Light," the energies, and the teachings with others.

I am looking forward to serving those who are seeking this information and services in releasing the old with love and welcoming the new with joy.

With Love,

Linda Street

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive, Energy Channel, and Energy Coach

“Love is the heart of all healing”


Recently Published Book (authored by Linda Street):

“Rays of Light” - Listen to the Dark


“Rays of Light” – Listen to the Dark is channeled information and teachings from another realm about the “Rays of Light,” their frequencies, and the guidance that is received through these rays, and through your etheric (spiritual) heart. The “Rays of Light” are available to all, if you wish to listen and learn. If you were born of this earth, you can access the “Rays of Light” any time you wish, you need not be attuned. There are teachings about the vibrations of the rays and the vibrations that each of you absorb and create, and there are teachings as to how to create what you wish and desire, rather than the opposite. The true definition of healing is revealed to be very different than the definition in the dictionary or in the medical community. The “Rays of Light” can be accessed any time you wish to assist in cleansing, healing, balancing, and re-aligning your chakras, and in receiving information, assistance, and guidance from the Divine, your guides, and the Angels. You can live your life the way it was meant to be lived, for the purpose of experience and enjoyment. The “Rays of Light” are the purest of Divine frequencies that can be accessed and received on this Earth today. See what they are all about as they are truth, love, wisdom, and “all that is.”